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Sleep tight: The bed linen quality guide

Do you prefer a relaxed, wrinkled look with linen sheets for your bed, or the more elegant feeling that comes with Egyptian cotton? Or maybe warm and cosy flannel is your top choice? Find your future favourite bed linen fabric with our big guide.
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They’re soft, durable and super easy to care for — the benefits of cotton bed sheets are many. This smooth material gets softer over the years and has a light feeling to the skin. Cotton is made from the fluffy fibres produced by the cotton plant, which gets spun into threads and woven into a breathable fabric, perfect for bed linen. Psst! Keep an eye out for our Washed Organic Cotton line – it’s produced in a more sustainable way and super soft!



Choosing linen sheets for your bed gives the whole bedroom an airy and casual look. And don’t mind some wrinkles, they add just the right feeling to the bedding! Linen is a natural material made from the fibres of the flax plant. Thanks to its hollow fibres, the linen acts as a natural insulator, keeping you warm all through the cold winter nights and perfectly cool in the hot summertime. And you know the best part? Linen gets more and more beautiful and softer with every wash, and it lasts a lifetime.

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Flannel is the perfect choice when the temperature drops — or for anyone who just prefers a warm, cosy bed to snuggle up in at night. The super soft, fuzzy surface is created through combing of both the cotton thread and the woven fabric. The result is bed linen that keeps you warm during the colder months and adds a relaxed touch to your bedroom interior.

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Are you looking for a more luxurious feeling for your bed? Then sateen — also known as cotton satin — might be the right choice for you. This shiny and delicate type of cotton is made from fibres that are woven with long floats, which gives the fabric its famous lustre. A sateen bed linen will drape beautifully on your bed, making it easy to always have an elegant bedroom look. And last but not least, sateen sheets are a dream to sleep in.

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Are you dreaming of falling asleep in a hotel bed every night? With percale sheets, you get pretty close to reaching that feeling in your own home! This fabric is made with premium cotton threads woven together in the most genuine way of them all: one thread over the other. To be allowed to be called percale, the fabric needs to have a thread count of a minimum of 200 threads per inch. This tight weaving results in a super smooth finish, giving your bedding a crisp and comfy feeling.

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What’s the difference between regular cotton and Egyptian cotton? The climate in Egypt creates the perfect conditions for the cotton to grow strong and soft, with extra-long fibres that can be spun to very thin — yet strong — threads. And with thin threads, you can weave a fabric with super high thread count. Egyptian cotton bed linen is soft, long-lasting and luxurious — if you have ever slept in a bed styled with these sheets, chances are you don’t ever want to sleep in anything else.

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In a jacquard weave, the fine cotton threads create patterns that appear in the fabric rather than being printed on it. This gives the bed linen a luxurious look and feel. The thread count is high, which makes jacquard bed linen a long-lasting, high-quality choice for the bedroom.


Thread count is the amount of threads per square inch in the fabric that the bed linen is made of. The common perception is that a high thread count makes for better quality sheets, but that’s just part of the secret behind really comfortable bed linen — you also have to look at the quality of the thread and how it has been woven.