Re-Enchantment: An H&M Kids Innovation Story

The enchantment of glittering fashion is enhanced with recycled-content embellishments in our latest Innovation Story collection for kids.

Mythical creatures, astrological charts and glittering ornamentation – all are in the mystical mix for the latest kidswear capsule from H&M’s Innovation Stories initiative. Titled ‘Re-Enchantment Story’, the collection blends cutting-edge processes and more sustainable materials with fantasy-laden fashion. This season, the spotlight is trained firmly on the progress made in innovative embellishments. 

Educational and enchanting in equal measure, the collection comprises delicate dresses and blouses, crochet co-ords, oversized denim and eye-catching accessories trimmed with 100% recycled-content rhinestones and pearls made from recycled plastic display shelves and boxes. “For our second independent Innovation Stories collection for kids, we wanted to create a dreamy collection that heroes the magical 100% recycled-content embellishments we are finally introducing after many years of development,” explains Ella Soccorsi, Assortment Designer at H&M. 


The innovations got us thinking: What else do we find enchanting in the natural world? What mythical creatures do we wish we could embody? And what would our fantasy superpower be? We checked in with our gang of dreamers who star in the campaign to get their thoughts.

Carla, 12, loves unicorns and the sea. “I could spend hours jumping in the waves collecting shells,” she tells us. As for her superpower? “I would like to have the ability to spread love, because I want people to feel happy,” she says. 


Diana, 11, sees the forest as a uniquely enchanting place. “I feel calm in the forest,” she says. Her favourite mythical creature is kitsune, the fox from Japanese folklore who boasts magical powers. “She is very smart and brave, can light and control fire, and create illusions,” says Diana. “Every time I am in the forest, I imagine that I’ll meet my kitsune.” Her enchanting superpower of choice would be telekinesis. “I would love to control the power of thought,” she says. 

Adriana, 12, has a special affection for turtles, which she describes as “very beautiful animals”. Her favourite mythical creature is the phoenix, because it represents immortality. She would love to be able to master teleportation. “I would like to go from one place to another easily,” she tells us. 


Elisabeth, 12, also finds forests enchanting. When it comes to mythical creatures, her vote goes to Pegasus, the winged horse. “They look so beautiful,” she says, “and it’s a horse that can fly – who doesn’t love that?” Her superpower of choice would be horticultural. “I would like to be able to make plants grow where I want,” she says.

Meanwhile Nicole, 12, is captivated by the underwater world. “I find it fascinating because of the huge variety of incredible species that come in all different colours, shapes and sizes,” she tells us. Fittingly, she is a big fan of mermaids. “Many believe that they are a myth, but I don’t think so for one second,” she tells us. “Somewhere in this vast world, they exist.” Her superpower would be healing. “I would love to create a potion to cure all the illnesses of the world,” she says. 


The collection certainly fuels the imagination, with key looks spanning ephemeral, rhinestone- and pearl-trimmed dresses and pearl-speckled oversized denim. Meanwhile in accessories, pearl-studded slides, charm necklaces and a beaded mini bag add off-beat energy to girlish ensembles. The mood is dreamy, packed with innovations ripe for discovery.  

The Re-Enchantment Kids Innovation Story will be available worldwide on from 13 April.