Make our normal the new norm

This International Women’s Day, we take a stand for gender equality by urging other companies to follow our lead. At H&M, no matter gender or ethnicity, everyone has equal opportunities.

March 8 marks International Women’s Day. But despite more than a century of working for gender equality, we’re still—according to the World Economic Forum—centuries away from achieving full gender parity and equal opportunity in the workplace. 

International womens day,empowerment,gender equality

Dominique Fantaccino, Regional Manager East Europe and Chahida El Mariani Store Manager, Germany

At H&M, the spirit of International Women’s Day is manifested in everything we do, every day, and—especially—in who we are. With 70 per cent women employees, the company is proud to have equal representation among its leaders, where 7 in 10 are women. So regardless of gender, everyone has the same chance of reaching a leading position. Compared to all industries globally, the same number is only 2.7 in 10 leaders being women.

We recognise International Women’s Day on 8 March; however, we’re devoted to closing the gender gap, raising awareness and creating career opportunities for women workers every day of the year.

International womens day,empowerment,gender equality

Linda Li Head of E-Commerce, North America, Georgina Waltier Sustainability Manager UK/IE and Amishaa Arora Head of E-Commerce, India

At H&M, we practise what we preach, and in honour of Women’s Day 2020, we’ve gathered nine out of hundreds of women leaders to share their stories about leadership, gender equality and their journeys at H&M. 

Press play to meet our inspiring women leaders.