Best Express Makeup Look

This Halloween’s Best Express Makeup Look

Need a quick-fix makeup look for Halloween? Go for spiderweb tattoos, glitter lips and false lashes deluxe!
  • PHOTO: Hedvig Jenning
  • BEAUTY EDITOR: Linda Gradin
Best Express Makeup Look

Easy on the Eye Colour (shade: Onyx)
Dipliner Ink (shade: Jet Black)
Face & Body Tattoos
Matte Lip Colour (shade: To the Nines)
Glitter Dust (shade: Smoke and Mirrors)

It’s a bit over the top, yes ­— but if there’s one time of the year when you should go crazy in your makeup bag, it’s for Halloween!

Start with your favourite base and move straight on to your eyes. Use the eyeshadow pen Easy on the Eye Colour in the black shade Onyx to shape your desired look. Apply it on your upper lid and under the outer corner of the lower lash line, and use a finger or a brush to shade it upwards and outwards like a wing. Then attach the mighty Eyelashes as close to your lash line as possible.

Beauty hack alert! Measure the lashes before you attach them, cut them to fit your natural lash line, and use the black Dipliner Ink to cover any glue spots in between the eyelashes.

Best Express Makeup Look

Cut the spiderweb tattoos from the sheet, trying to go as close to the edge as possible without destroying the pattern. Follow the instructions on the package and attach the tattoos to the outer corner of your eyes, trying to sync it with your liner. It’s slippery, so be steady on your hands!

Dark, glittery lips complete the look. We used the Matte Lip Colour in the shade To the Nines, and applied the Smoke and Mirrors Glitter Dust on top.  If the glitter spreads around your face, use a piece of tape to remove it.


PHOTO Hedvig Jenning | Mink Mgmt
MAKEUP Linda Gradin | L’Atelier NYC
HAIR Sabrina Zsinay | The Wall Group
MODEL Callie Dixon | Next Models
PHOTO ASSISTANTS John Temones, Jeremy Hall