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Crochet is all the craze

Crochet clothing is taking over as the number one must-have for fashionistas

"Crochet clothing is a style that was hugely popular in the 70s. However, it is now making a roaring comeback and can now be seen on celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, and Sydney Sweeney, to mention a few. Thankfully, for those wanting to pick up on this trend, there are many good options to choose from if you don’t feel like learning to knit yourself. 

But first things first - what is crochet fashion? The word “crochet” is French for hook, and it’s a style where you interlock loops of yarn, or other materials, that create the very easy-to-spot crochet fashion. Now that we know this let’s look at some popular garments in this trendy style.


As the festival season sets in, the crochet top is a must if you want to achieve that perfect bohemian vintage style that is ah so popular at Coachella and the like. The most popular piece is the cropped crochet-like top in beige or white, but you can, of course, add a splash of colour and wild patterns if you like. Either way, you’ll fit right in the crowd of any music festival.

Pairing a crochet top is easily done. Just put on a pair of trainers or cowboy boots and your favorite jeans or denim shorts. That’s basically all you need for a great look with your crochet top. Maybe add a fringed bag if you really want to nail a full-on boho look.


One trend should not be missed when lounging by the pool - the super trendy crochet-like bikini top. We expect it to be one of the trendiest pieces of fashion you can wear during the warm days of summer.

We favor the combination of bright colours and big patterns for this garment. With a crochet-like bikini top, you can easily transform from a poolside look to something you can wear for lunch or during drinks in the evening. Simply pair your bikini top with shorts, and you’re ready for food and drinks with friends.


Maybe you like the look of crochet fashion but want to keep the bohemian levels at a low. That’s where the crochet-like cardigans come into play. This garment can be both fun and quirky or sober and elegant, depending on what direction you want to take.

By picking a white crochet-like cardigan without any pattern, you’ll be able to wear it in more sophisticated settings. This is actually one of our favourite looks at the moment - a white crochet-like cardigan combined with white denim pants and a beige trench coat. A super elegant outfit, but still with a bit of a twist.

There is, of course, the option of adding a bright colour, or a multicolored pattern, to your crochet-like cardigan. However, it is probably best to avoid it when getting ready for a long business meeting - otherwise, this is a great style choice.


Just as with a crochet top, a crochet dress will take you back to the 70s and accomplish a great look for the festival season. This style might take a bit more courage as it’s a full dress in a crochet style, but there is no need to worry. Take the plunge and reap the awards of being the coolest kid in town.

You’re probably sensing a pattern now, but when it comes to picking the ultimate crochet-like dress, there are several turns you can take. Keep it toned down with a neutral colour, such as beige or white, or go wild and crazy with a colourful pattern. You get the idea, the possibilities are close to endless, and you’re the one setting the rules. 

Having said this, if you were to twist our arm for one favorite, it would be a crochet-like dress with a black and white pattern. Why? You get the best of two worlds - toned down but still with a design that makes you stand out from the crowd. That’s a big win in our book!