In the latest instalment of our Innovation Stories, we’re focusing on what it feels like to love and care for something or someone.

When it came to our design process, this meant paying special attention to the origins of different materials and how we can give them value. Our design team looked at innovative ways to treat fabrics and materials that are often thought of as being "waste". What if we could give them a new purpose in our wardrobes?

Here’s a look at some of the latest innovations involved in the Cherish Waste collection.


A heart-shaped evening dress made from bubblegum-pink recycled polyester. It’s a dress to treasure and to wear again and again for those special occasions that call for something extraordinary. Recycled polyester consumes less energy during the production process, meaning that a beautiful garment like this can be created while producing fewer carbon emissions than if it were made using new polyester.


This sleek cut-out bodysuit is crafted from Naia™Renew, a cellulosic yarn made from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified recycled waste plastics. In this way, it’s a fabric that makes something worthwhile from those hard to recycle materials that might otherwise end up in landfill.


Unwanted textiles contribute greatly to landfills around the world, and currently only a small portion of waste clothing and fabric is recycled. Recycled polyester from RENU® is made using unwanted polyester garments, putting them to good use. In this collection, it’s transformed into a pale-blue puffball dress, an ethereal and dreamy way of reducing excess waste in the fashion production process.


The convertible chain necklace and rhinestone earrings feature black hearts partly made from Aircarbon, the ground-breaking biomaterial made by natural microorganisms found in the ocean using air and carbon from greenhouse gas. Aircarbon harnesses nature to create a more sustainable alternative to fabrics like synthetic plastic and animal leather.


Recycled polyester is an important fabric in this collection, and this knitted mini dress showcases its full potential. It’s crafted from 78% REPREVE® Our Ocean™, a recycled polyester fibre made from ocean-bound plastic bottles, collected from the shorelines of countries that lack formal recycling systems. The dress is also made from 22% post-consumer recycled polyester.


The shell of these dramatic heels, with their sculptural design, is made from Mirum® plant-based leather, a plastic-free alternative to leather. While many vegan “leathers” are produced using plastics like PVC, Mirum® is noteworthy in that it does not contain any petroleum-based materials. Instead, it’s made using plant fibres, vegetable oil and minerals.

Did you know?

Washing your clothes less often can help save energy and make your favourite items last longer. Try running your next load at a cooler temperature to reduce energy and still get great results