Sew in a button

No 9/79

It’s this easy to become a pro button-sewer.

You need:

New button, needle, thread and toothpick or match.

How to:

1. Lock the thread to the needle with a knot. Sew through the button from underneath and down again diagonally from the top. Slide the needle through the threads at the knot, to make a loop.

2. Sew through the fabric where you want to place the button and secure it. Place the match/toothpick between the button and the fabric.

3. Sew the button on to the fabric diagonally through all four holes and, when it’s stable, take out the match and wrap the thread tightly four laps around the threads underneath the button.

4. Push the needle through to the back of the fabric and secure the thread properly. E.g. by twinning a loop and pulling the thread though it. Done!