Mending your jeans

No 44/79

Might sound complicated, is basic. Make sure your sewing machine has the correct needle, denim is thick.

You need:

Sewing machine, needle and thread, denim patch and ripped jeans.

How to:

1. Turn the jeans inside out. Cut out a paper pattern covering the hole, using the crotch seams as a placement guide.

2. Place your paper on your denim piece matching your jeans in colour and cut out a patch. Place patch on your jeans and stitch in place by hand.

3. Turn the jeans right-side out and sew along the hand stitched seam on your sewing machine. If possible, sew on top of the sturdy original crotch seams. Now keep sewing towards the hole in a zig zag seam, so that it’s covered properly.

4. Finish up by cutting the threads and remove all your hand stitching. Iron or press. Done!