Make-up be gone

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Pretty on your face, not so pretty on your clothes – here’s how to remove make-up from your wear without washing.

You need:

Baby wipe, your makeup remover, white toothpaste, clean cloth and soap/shampoo/liquid detergent.

How to:

Different makeup, greasy or powdery, needs different treatment

Powder based makeup can often be brushed off but be light on the hand. No? Try a baby wipe. Magic!

Greasy makeup stains can be removed with your make-up remover. Not gone yet? Rub with damp cloth and white toothpaste, just make sure you rub away all toothpaste or you risk getting new stains! Still not gone? Cloth again, tiny bit of soap/mild shampoo/liquid detergent and work in circular motion. Carefully dry stains with a cool dryer (heat might fixate stains). Last chance: Try a baby wipe.

Bonus tip: Avoid stains from start! Cover your made-up face with a towel before pulling a shirt or sweater over your head as you dress.

Always read the care label thoroughly before treating any stains. Make sure that the treatment won’t damage the fabric by testing a small amount somewhere less visible.