Jacket hacks

No 72/79

Tired of your trusty old friend yet not quite ready to let go of it? Solution: Switch out half your jacket, add a new collar or make the length shorter.

You need:

Denim jacket, other jacket of your choice, measuring tape, scissors, pins and sewing machine.

How to:

1. Cut two jackets so that you have four parts – two upper and two lower.

2. Make one or two new jackets by sewing the different pieces together.

3. Measure carefully before sewing to make sure your pieces have matching widths, pin and sew from the inside.

4. After sewing, press with iron to make the new seam as flat as possible.

You can also let the cut jacket be as is and help fraying by going at it with a needle. Or leave your jacket intact with the exception of a new contrasting collar.